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Zed Sensations specialises in exclusive, unique and high quality designs. From system layers to official fitmesh clothing, skins, etc for the secondlife avatar and mesh body brands whom we represent, for men and women, from fantasy to formal. Zed Sensations reserves the right to our own creativity and imagination.

We are a family business.  We strive to product the best quality that we are able for our clients.

We are the Official Mesh Creators/Designers for the following virtual world and mesh body brands:

– Secondlife Classic Avatar

– Eve Pulpy and Slim

  • Eve mesh heads

– Slink Physique and Hourglass

– Slink Visage

– Belleza Freya and Isis

  • Catwa
  • Logo mesh heads

All our products are copyrighted and our textures unique.





We specialise in:

1. men and womens clothing.

2. Skins

3. Hairs

Zed Sensations reserves the right to its own creativity.  All products are sold as is.

Sugarfairy2’s mesh clothing concept is to try to give the client as many mix and match possibilities for a woman’s perspective as we like the appeal of dressing possibilities and creativity.  Not always can this concept be achieved due to different ways of designing but if we can, we do it.  She follows her own rules, her own ideal fashion ideas and logical thoughts of virtual fashion necessities and requirements for the secondlife user.

If you have a script problem for any reason concerning the appliers, just send me a notecard (because my viewer caps most of my Instant messages (IMS) and I will happily fix it. No one is perfect, mistakes happen, sl mishaps happen and you need to contact me to fix it. I will always get back to you as soon as i can just send a notecard.

We do not refund. We supply the necessary demos and our products are COPY, NO TRANSFER and (or) MODIFY, COPY, NO TRANSFER.  We will always help in the best possible way WE can.

Please read our TOS,  and other pages that might be informative or of any help for you.