Brand New Site

We are so happy to announce this new site for shoppers to get the lastest information about “Fitmesh Fashion” for their beloved chosen mesh body or bodies.  A place to cut through all the other advertisments and just get down to the nitty gritty of what they really want. Clothing that is made for them, to move with them, and to stop all the endless and senseless adjustments. Can I get an Amen…giggles.

This is a brand new venture, only a day or two out of conception. Letters are being sent out to all your favorite designers, so that we can start building a database and get this ball rolling for you.

If you know of a designer that you would like added, please send me a notecard with the name of the store, so that I may contact them. A Flickr group has been set up also, which is also brand spanking new, and I will have a direct feed coming onto this site, so stay tuned.

I am also looking for experienced SL group moderators, Blog administrators, and anyone that would like to join the band wagon. Please contact Brajeet Resident Inworld and if I’m offline, please always remember to send a notecard.